OverDrive for Your Chromebook!


Using OverDrive for Chromebook, you can borrow and download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks!

Your OverDrive account login is your student ID number. It’s all ready to go!

overdrive overview

The Chromebook app is super easy to use, and LFHS’s digital library puts tons of books at your fingertips.  You can search our OverDrive catalog here!

Books that you check out through the Chromebook app are also available on your smartphone with the Overdrive app! You can sync across all your devices.

Your Chromebook’s large screen and ability to fold into a tablet makes it a great eReader. As you go through the Chromebook OverDrive opening tutorial, it’ll tell you how to change your font and reading style to fit you.

Download the app at the Chrome Web Store or by visiting the OverDrive app website.

Help is available at OverDrive Help on the Chromebooks device page, or at the circulation desk!