Teen Tech Week!

Teen Tech Week is coming to LFHS! We’ve got a lot of great activities planned for the week before Spring Break (March 23rd) that you won’t want to miss! Here’s a list of our main events:


On Monday we’ll be watching Wall-E and nomming on popcorn in the fiction section during 4th, 5th, and 6th periods!

pac-manWe’ll be playing Pac-Man in the library during the lunch periods–you’ll get the chance to be Pac-Man and the ghosts as you run through our maze.Code Academy

Come join Mr. Juliana in the computer lab to learn about computer coding–how to write it, and how to hack it! You’ll learn through tutorials, and games–the winners of which will get candy.Video Game Day

Get ready for a Super Smash Brothers tournament, and we’re opening the computer lab up to Minecraft! Come play with us!light painting

We’ll have a slow exposure camera set up in a dark room for those of you who want to play with light painting! You can draw everything from words to abstract scribbles to animals with just a flashlight!