Author Visit! Come Meet Peter Kujawinski

We are excited to announce Peter Kujawinski will be stopping by LFHS on his NIGHTFALL tour! Perfect for fans of The Maze Runner, who like their books full of running, monsters, and terrifying settings, Nightfall is about an island where the sun sets for 14 years, the monsters that come out in the Night, and the three teens who are trapped there with them.

He’ll be here October 29th during 4th and 5th periods in the library classroom. (Not your lunch? Come get a field trip form from the circulation desk!)

PeterKujawinskicArleneWeinsier-1442933116For eighteen years, Peter Kujawinski was an American diplomat, on assignment in places like Israel, Haiti, France, and at the United Nations in New York.  Most recently, he was the U.S. Consul General in western Canada, which included Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.  While working as a diplomat, he started to write for adults and children.  Nightfall is his fourth novel with co-author Jake Halpern, they also wrote the Dormia trilogy (Dormia, World’s End and Shadow Tree).  He lives in Chicago with his family.  For more information, please go to

If you want to buy a copy of his book, Lake Forest Book Store will be selling them during his visit for him to sign!

Nightfall by Peter Kujawinski and Jake Halpern

23846037On Marin’s island, sunrise doesn’t come every twenty-four hours—it comes every twenty-eight years. Now the sun is just a sliver of light on the horizon. The weather is turning cold and the shadows are growing long.

Because sunset triggers the tide to roll out hundreds of miles, the islanders are frantically preparing to sail south, where they will wait out the long Night.

Marin and her twin brother, Kana, help their anxious parents ready the house for departure. Locks must be taken off doors. Furniture must be arranged. Tables must be set. The rituals are puzzling—bizarre, even—but none of the adults in town will discuss why it has to be done this way.

Just as the ships are about to sail, a teenage boy goes missing—the twins’ friend Line. Marin and  Kana are the only ones who know the truth about where Line’s gone, and the only way to rescue him is by doing it themselves. But Night is falling. Their island is changing.

And it may already be too late.