Library Extended Finals Hours!

We hope you guys are ready to rock your finals. Never fear if you aren’t, for the next two weeks, Monday – Thursday, the library will be open from 7AM – 8PM!

The library has a quiet study room, single study carrels, group study tables–seeing a theme? Feel free to come in and study late with us.

According to science, we’re divided into four learning categories:

  1. Visual Learners
  2. Auditory Learners
  3. Read-Write Learners
  4. Kinesthetic Learners

And these categories all learn differently–and need to study differently.


Highlight and underline when reading.

Review PowerPoints

Make and use flashcards — don’t forget to shuffle!


Read materials aloud

Record yourself reading notes and replay them later! (Even better: record your lectures!)

Explain concepts aloud in your own words

Use word association or mnemonic devices!


Rewrite your notes, rephrasing them into your own words

Create and use bulleted lists

Translate charts, diagrams, and maps into verbal or written summaries!


Make and use flashcards — don’t forget to shuffle!

Study with others and exchange notes

Study in short, concentrated blocks

Feel free to doodle while studying


Establish a Study Zone in your room or house — a place where you will be productive, put away your phone, and stay off of Netflix!

Chewing gum gets more oxygen to your brain, which makes your brain work faster!

Play Classical music.

Make a schedule–and don’t forget to schedule in breaks! Science says that it takes 25 minutes for your brain to fully focus and recommend 45 minutes of work, and 15 minutes of brain rest. Set a timer and get to it!