Win a Prize for Reading!


Want to get prizes for reading you already do? You’re in luck – the Library has just the thing!


The Abe Lincoln Reading Program

What is it: A program sponsored by the Illinois School Library Media Association

But what is it? A list of books put together every year by students, teachers, and librarians from across the state. The more books you read, the better the prize you could get at the end of the year.

Q: How Does it Works at LFHS?

  • Read books, any book you want – they don’t have to be from the list! (Listening to audiobooks counts as reading!)

  • Every time you finish a book, fill out this Google Form

  • At the end of the year, there will be prizes for:

    • The English class that reads the most books from the Abe List

    • Students who read the most books from the Abe List

    • The English class that reads the most books/pages overall

    • Students who read the most books/pages overall

Q: There’s a book on the list I’ve already read. Do I have to read it again? Nope! If you’ve already read something on the list, you can fill out the form right now!

Q: What about books I have to read for class? Any book that’s not a textbook that you read from start to finish between now and the deadline can be counted towards the program.

Q: Is there any way to get “bonus page”? You bet! Writing a review of an Abe book will get you an extra 50 pages and recording a book review we can put on our Call Me Ishmael phone in the library will get you an extra 100 pages. You can set up an appointment in the mixtape1285 studio on the second floor of the library to record! We’re open to other ideas, too. Re-design a book cover, make a book trailer, anything that demonstrates you read the book, we’re willing to consider.

Q: When do we have to read them by? May 1st

Have questions? See Ms. Fumarolo in the Library