What’s New in the Library/Media Center?

The Call Me, Ishmael Phone: Connecting LFHS Students with Readers Around the World


Have you noticed the “new” old-school phone in our fiction section? No, it’s not a vintage prop that we picked up at a garage sale. It’s actually a high-tech interactive literary device aptly named ‘Call Me, Ishmael.’ Through a grant from the Secretary of State, we are lucky enough to be one of the first libraries or bookstores in the world to have one! What does it do, you ask? Well, if you’re looking for your next great read, simply pick up the phone and press any key to hear voicemail messages about any of the ten books we’ve featured this month. Press #4 to hear reviews of Abe Winner and NY Times bestseller, I am Malala. Press * to get “Ishmael Recommends.”  Next month we’ll be featuring reviews from LFHS teachers. You’ll be fascinated to hear reviews and recommendations from people all over the world–you can even create and upload one yourself. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have! Check it out here: