Faculty Favorite: Mr. Kuhl

img_2497Need a good read for post-election reflection? Consider Mr. Kuhl’s faculty favorite: Our Lincoln, by Eric Foner (editor). “Lincoln has many facets and often becomes a canvas that we project out views upon,” says Kuhl. The book is fascinating as it is a compilation of essays that examine Lincoln’s views through today’s social and political filters. According to Goodreads.com, “The Lincoln who emerges is a man of his time, yet able to transcend and transform it—a reasonable measure of greatness.”


In 1876 the abolitionist Frederick Douglass observed, “No man can say anything that is new of Abraham Lincoln.” Undeterred, the contributors to Our Lincoln believe it is possible even now, especially if the starting point is the interaction between the life and the times. Several of these original essays focus on Lincoln’s leadership as president and commander in chief. James M. McPherson examines Lincoln’s deft navigation of the crosscurrents of politics and wartime strategy. Sean Wilentz assesses Lincoln’s evolving position in the context of party politics. On slavery and race, Eric Foner writes of Lincoln and the movement to colonize emancipated slaves outside the United States. James Oakes considers Lincoln’s views on race and citizenship. There are also brilliant essays on Lincoln’s literary style, religious beliefs, and family life.

Synopsis from Goodreads.com