“A Conversation with President Obama.”


Wenner, Jann. S. “A Conversation with President Obama.” Rolling Stone, vol. 1276/1277, 15-29, Dec. 2016, pp.  34-40.

Rolling Stone Magazine just published an interview with President Obama. It was their 10th interview with him which makes me wonder how I missed the other 9 interviews. I was very interested to read this article because most of it is in the President’s own words. President Obama shares his views on the election results of course but also on many of the issues he has worked on and the history of politics in general. There were many good quotes that I thought served as positive advice. He said, “There’s no benefit that’s derived from pulling into a fetal position. We go out there, and we work. And we slog through challenges, and over time things get better” (38). The President discussed a few times how the media and notably Facebook, has changed the way we learn about, view, and communicate about politics and how it actually divides people. If you are interested in President Obama’s viewpoint or why he thinks the election turned out as it did, or even just curious to know what it’s like to be a world leader with all of today’s issues going on, I recommend reading this article.  It’s located on the magazine shelves brought to you by your friendly LFHS library.

Dr. Hirose, LFHS Library