Faculty Favorite: Mr. Ruda

What’s Mr. Ruda’s favorite book? Biplane by Richard Bach. This former USAF fighter pilot, Air Force captain and New York Times best-selling author’s writing has been described as “life-changing,” “inspiring,” and capable of “making you want to fly planes.”   


“I like this book because Ray Bradbury wrote the intro,” says Mr. Ruda. “I like it because, once, in 1987, I bought it and gave it to my dad with a nice inscription from me: I suggested he quit work, purchase a biplane, and fly. I like it because it reminds the readers to stay conscious and present in a world driven by unconscious choices. I like it because it proves that time machines do exist,” he adds.

Want to find out more about Biplane? Check out the synopsis from Goodreads.com below:

“Finding Ourselves is Like Flying An Ancient Biplane Coast To Coast: There Are Storms Ahead, But Oonce We’ve Started, It’s Too Late To turn Back.” To discover that time is not a straight line aimed toward infinity, Richard Bach undertook a magnificent journey. “Biplane” is the story of that solo flight into the American skies — a flight that became a personal quest to discover everything that lies beyond the ordinary.

Thanks, Mr. Ruda, for contributing to our blog!