A Perfect Match – Finding the Book for You

Reading is sort of like dating – it’s all about finding the right book at the right time. But how do you find the perfect book with so many to choose from? Here are a few tips:

  • Browsing the shelves and seeing what’s available may sound old school, but it can be a great place to start. What covers or titles jump out at you? Pick them up and read the back or inside flap to find out what’s in store.
  • Already have a book or topic in mind? Use the LFHS Library Catalog to find out which books we have available on our shelves (or in our audio & ebook collections) for you to check out. It narrows the playing field considerably and you can save the ones you want for later.
  • Just like there are dating apps, there are also plenty of places online dedicated to helping people find their next read. Goodreads is a website and app that allows readers to keep track of what they’ve read and what they want to read – the more books you rate, the better the recommendations it gives.
  • If you’re feeling up to it, ask someone to “set you up.” Librarians, teachers, and booksellers love sharing their favorite titles and recommendations with others (that’s the fun part of our job!).
  • Once you’ve found a title or two, go ahead and take the plunge. You’re allowed to check out multiple books from the library (as long as you don’t have overdues or unpaid fines). If this is a book for fun and the one you’ve picked out just isn’t doing it for you, return it and try something else – there are plenty to choose from!



See something interesting in a display? You can check it out – that’s what displays are for!