Top 4 Reasons to Read the Book First

Movies created from books can be fantastic. Seeing a beloved character or a complex and breathtaking world brought to life on the big screen can be amazing.  But let’s be honest, sometimes a movie falls short of an author’s intricately woven tale.

Here are a few reasons why I prefer to read the book first.

  1. Let Your Imagination take the Front Seat- It’s been said that reading is the cheapest way to travel. Authors take painstaking care to craft characters and landscapes with vivid detail. When you take time to let their words sculpt a vision in your mind you get to be part of creating that world.
  2.  The Beauty is in the Details- It would take too much time and be too expensive to include all the details from a novel in a movie. In a profit driven industry, directors often develop a different vision than the original author. Stories on the big screen can end up flat or lose their focus altogether.
  3. Best in a Conversation- Grabbing a bite to eat after a movie? Whether you’re trying to impress your date or enjoy a good debate with friends,  being ready to compare the onscreen version to the book can help you rock the conversation. Was a cheesy love interest made up to appease the crowd, or a supporting character’s plot left out for sake of time? Help fill in the holes of the protagonist’s motivations (why did they do that!??) with the details the movie didn’t explain.
  4. Rewarding Propositions- Movie tickets are getting pricey. If you have a parent or mentor in your life who has been encouraging you to spend more time reading, try striking a deal: if you read the book first, the movie is their treat.

Want to know which books to start reading to be ready for 2018’s big screen moments? Here are some great reads with 2018 movie adaptations in the works. Click the each title for a synopsis. All books can be found at the LFHS Library!


Black Panther

Maze Runner the Death Cure


Every Day

A Wrinkle in Time

Ready Player One

Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda

The House of Tomorrow

The Invisible Man

Where’d You Go Bernadette

The Darkest Minds