2015 Reading Challenge Book Ideas!

How are you doing on our 2015 Reading Challenge, Scouts??? The end of the year is approaching!

Don’t forget to let us know if you’re participating and aiming for a prize. Challenge Sheets must be turned in before finals! (AKA, the week after Winter Break!)

If you’re having trouble meeting any of the reading prompts, we can give you recommendations for them all! Just come in and visit us at the circulation desk. Loose your sheet? Come and get a new one from Ms. Neal.

A book with a protagonist of color

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Book Club: Book Talks!

Good morning, Scouts!

Finals are fast approaching, and we’re not going to pile on by adding another book to read–fun or not, we want you to focus on your studies!

But we don’t want you to be stressed, and since so many of you don’t want book club to end (us included!) we’re up for having one last hurrah this year. Instead of discussing a specific book, I want you to tell us what we should read this summer!

Tuesday June 2nd, 7:10AM, we’ll all meet back in the Fiction Section with our favorite books and donuts, and spend our normal discussion time recommending to the rest of the group!

Since there are so many of us, let’s try to keep your recs to around 3. Bring in the books if you can (or borrow them from our shelves), so we can peruse them!

If your books fit in to the LFHS reading challenge, even better! I bet many of you can knock this out of the park this summer. Continue reading


Reading Challenge Book Ideas

As many of you know, this is the first year the library’s done a reading challenge! We went for prompt ideas instead of a straight-out book list, to give everyone a little more flexibility.

There are 36 book prompts–one for every week we’re in school! Come December, if you’ve managed to finish the list we’ll be giving out prizes! (Besides the usual Gold Stars and Brownie Points, I mean.)

If you need to pick up a Reading Challenge sheet, stop by the circulation desk!


also fits: a mystery or thriller, a trilogy

also fits: a sad book, based on a true story

also fits: a protagonist of color, a classic romance

also fits: protagonist of color and a funny book


also fits: a sad book

also fits: a sad book


also fits: non-human characters, a book with magic, a book that became a movie, one-word title


also fits: protagonist of color, a book with magic

also fits: graphic novel, a book you can finish in a day, a protagonist of color

Also fits: a thriller or mystery, a trilogy, and a book that became a movie


also fits: a book with a one-word title

also fits: a memoir, an author you’ve never read before



Also fits: a trilogy, a book with magic


Also fits: an author you haven’t read before

also fits: a book set in the future


also fits: an LGBT title and a mystery/triller



2015 Reading Challenge!

Happy New Year, Scouts!

It’s the time for resolutions, and hopefully yours include checking out some new books! We’re excited to kick off 2015 with a reading challenge.

We collected a bunch of prompts from all over–36 to be exact, one for every week of school. We thought it fitting, though of course we expect participants to read over breaks! Can you finish by December?

Reading challenges are a great way to step out of your comfort zone, explore new genres, and find books you’d never have picked up on your own!

For a print out of the prompt list, come in to the library! We also have recommendations to fill in each of these suggestions.

Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite book in 2015.



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