Pick Up Something Different

Have you ever read a book where a main character holds a different sexuality than you? I’d bet not. For one thing, diverse books aren’t easy to find.

Most people don’t think to pick up a book with a protagonist different from themselves. When we read, we like to fall into a story, and it’s easier to do if the hero or heroine is like you–it’s why they market “boy books” and “girl books.” But I don’t have to tell you it’s important to see the world from different eyes–that lesson’s been drilled into you.

What more important is to choose to see through others eyes, and picking up a book is an easy, painless way to expand your horizons.we need diverse books Continue reading

We Need Diverse Books

When was the last time you read a book where the main character wasn’t white?

Having a hard time coming up with a title? That’s because diverse novels make up less than a quarter of today’s market–and even less make it to the bestseller’s lists. There is an expectation that white kids won’t pick up a book with a colored protagonist.

Prove them wrong.

No one purposely thinks, “I’m only going to read books about straight, white people,” but that’s often what happens simply because those are the books featured on bestsellers lists and in bookstores.It’s important that we read a diverse cast of characters–ethnicities, disabilities, sexualities–and open our eyes to other lifestyles. It’s an obvious statement, but one that bears repeating often.

We’re collected the titles of some amazing books with diverse protags you’ll love. Our list crosses all genres, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. And don’t forget we’re always in the library with more recommendations! Continue reading